WebID is a team in the truest sense of the word. Our areas of expertise compliment each others, we assist one another when needed, and we all contribute something special to the project's end result. With over forty years of combined experience in the web and online education, we have come across challenges of all sorts, but none that we haven't managed to overcome relying on our knowledge, our skills, and one another.

team member - Guillermo Alzuru - photo A

Guillermo Alzuru Instructional Designer
Information Architecture, Math, HTML, CSS

team member - Guillermo Alzuru - photo B

Guillermo Alzuru Spending time with family. Fascinated by nature and wildlife. Volunteering, tutoring, and coaching in the community. Still dreams of winning the World Cup!

Guillermo Alzuru

Guillermo has an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering, a masters in Science in Operations Research from Georgia Tech, and another masters in Computer-Based Education from the University of Georgia. From his education he obtained expertise with computers, but at the same time realized they are just a tool. It takes knowledge, experience, and a keen insight into how the human mind works and learns to construct projects that truly engage students.

At one time or another Guillermo has worked as a consultant, analyst, sales manager, planner, project manager, programmer, and more. Guillermo started working for WebID in May 1999, and since then has developed, or participated in the development of hundreds of online courses. When he speaks, we listen.

With a background in Instructional Design and a mind made for math, science, and statistics, Guillermo is our go-to guy for anything in those realms. Hailing from Venezuela doesn't hurt his ability to lead our language course development either. With a true passion for learning, teaching, and tutoring, working at WebID has allowed Guillermo to fulfill his potential as an educator.

You know the type of person that loves to tackle really complex problems? Well, that describes Guillermo Alzuru perfectly. When you smell the coffee brewing and hear the keyboard clicking, you know he's digging in. Stand back, the solution is on its way.

team member - Jeff Allen - photo A

Jeff Allen Web Designer
HTML, CSS, JS, Graphics, Video, Audio

team member - Jeff Allen - photo B

Jeff Allen Enjoys watching movies, creating things with his hands, dabbling in photography/videography, and doing spur-of-the-moment travel.

Jeff Allen

Jeff has been working in the computer graphics industry for well over 20 years. As a teenager he got his feet wet typesetting text for the advertising department of a local water ski manufacturer. From there, he jumped between various ad agencies in Atlanta doing old-school print advertising until finally getting caught up in the Internet craze and eventually landing here at WebID in 2000.

His background in production graphics comes in handy when creating the large courses that WebID develops. He also has a personal interest in animation, video and photography, and those skills are increasingly in demand in the Instructional Design arena.

Jeff is driven by the learning experience and how it can be delivered in the virtual environment of the Internet. His association on a project means a rich interactive experience for the end-user.

team member - Brent Mottley - photo A

Brent Mottley Web Designer
HTML, CSS, JS, Graphics, Video, Audio

team member - Brent Mottley - photo B

Brent Mottley Attempts to mountain bike, makes music (noise) with synthesizers, recovering ice-cream addict, has watched way too many zombie movies.

Brent Mottley

Brent graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Journalism around the time the internet started to boom in the late nineties. Fascinated by the burgeoning field of web design, he taught himself HTML and the rest is history. After a brief stint working in Atlanta as a web designer at MindSpring he returned to Athens and began working at WebID in 2000.

He still gets a charge out of learning new technologies, figuring out how things work, and keeping up with the ever-evolving web.

Variety is the spice of life, and web design too, apparently. Brent enjoys working on different types of projects and tasks every week. Today it's making graphics in Photoshop, tomorrow it's recording audio, next week who knows what it will be? That's the point.

One thing's for sure, as a lifelong learner and mad scientist at heart, Brent will continue to explore new and better ways to help clients reach their goals and have fun along the way.