WebID can help you achieve your goals, whether it is building an entire project from scratch or just pitching in where needed on a video or interactive exercise. We have the people, skills, and experience to assist your organization with constructing any sort of online educational project. We're here to help.

instructional design
Research shows that the human mind learns and retains information through various means. This has given birth to the field of Instructional Design. Well-designed courses aren't random collections of materials, they are thoroughly planned and constructed to help learners do what they do best - learn! Our designers can put together the right mix of materials and methods to ensure optimal learning outcomes.
user experience design
This is the glue that holds it all together, the overall feeling and attitude a project inspires in a user. Whether conciously or subconciously, the design of your project makes an impression on your users. Design it well and they enjoy the process, learn the material, and want more. We design hassle-free, efficient user experiences that keep learners satisfied.
web design and coding
It's not just about making things look good. Is it usable? Does it work on six different browsers and different versions of those browsers? What about mobile devices? Different screen resolutions? There is more to it than meets the eye. The web is not paper or even a word document. There are dozens of factors to take into account when designing even the simplest of pages.
interactive design
Web projects should be more than just static text. Users want to interact with material. Use the web for it's strengths. We use Flash, Javascript, and more, to make activities like drag and drop puzzles, word jumbles, time-lines, etc. that can help engage learners and reinforce key content.
graphics and illustrations
Look around you for a moment. Pick up a magazine, look at your computer monitor, or on your wall. Chances are there is some sort of graphic or illustration that gets a point across or conveys a feeling. Humans are visual creatures and well-made graphic material can be key in conveying information or setting a mood. WebID can help enrich your project with scientific illustrations, info-graphics, banners, photographs, and much more.
video production
Video on the web has come a long way. All you have to do is look at the success of Youtube to know users love to watch material on the web. We have produced everything from summer camp commercials, to science lab experiments, to documentaries on turf grass. Yes, turf grass. WebID can help get your latest production under way. Lights, camera, action!
audio production
A piece of music, the sound of the human voice, these are things that add an extra sensory dimension to a learning experience. Audio is not only a key ingredient in high-quality video production, it is a great tool to use on it's own and deserves a place in your project's toolkit. From audio lectures on flowers, to accounting tutorials, to examples of early American blues music, you name it, we've produced it and placed it on the web.
learning management systems
Don't forget the behind the scenes work of file management and information architecture. This is where your Learning Management System of choice comes in. They can be lean and mean or huge cumbersome beasts to work with. We have mastered many of these platforms and have seen them come and go. Currently we work with Blackboard and Desire2Learn. In addition, WebID staff has even built it's own LMS named ALISSA to handle certain projects.