Our Process


The team defines a goal for the project. What is it we want to achieve? This will drive the rest of the process. We establish roles and expectations. Who will do what? Everyone should know what is expected of them.

This is the time to ask questions, lots of questions. We share ideas, we show examples of past work to demonstrate possibilities, outline the project, and set delivery dates. The entire team should walk away from this stage having a clear picture of where they are headed.

Design & Construction

This is the part where we brew the coffee and get creative, break out the pencils and paper, open photoshop, write code, etc..

The subject matter experts put together the course content - lessons, assignments, and possible opportunities for highlighting key learning objectives through multimedia.

WebID then codes and enhances the content with visual appeal and multimedia through the judicious use of graphics, video, audio, and interactive exercises. We shape and hone the content into a completely functional online course.

Editing and QA

The project is not complete until we can guarantee an optimal user-experience. In this phase the project is approached with fresh eyes, content is edited, multimedia pieces are finalized, and details are polished.

The course is viewed and tested in a variety of browsers and devices to ensure overall usability and a wide audience reach. After final approval the project "goes live" and courses await learner enrollment.