WebID (Web Instructional Development) designs and produces online learning courses.

Learning Management System Resources & Tutorials

The following is a list of LMS support resources compiled by WebID. We use the University of Georgia's Learning Management System (LMS) known as eLearning Commons (eLC). WebID is a small unit and spends the bulk of it's time designing and producing content. An LMS can be a highly complex tool which many users, including ourselves, only ever use a small part of.

We will always do our best to answer questions concerning the LMS, however, our expertise lies in other areas. To assist our partners, we have compiled an extensive list of resources from LMS experts from UGA and beyond. Please let us know if you find this list helpful.

EITS Help Desk

If emergency or in-depth help is needed, use UGA's own LMS experts.

EITS Help Request page.

  • Phone: 706-542-3106
  • Business hours: 8am - 10pm (Mon-Thurs), 8am-6pm (Fri), and 1pm-7pm (Sat-Sun)

D2L System Checker

The Desire2Learn System Checker can automatically evaluate your computer and tell you various information about your setup.

D2L System Checker.

Use this tool to quickly find out various information about your computer, including:

  • Operating System
  • Screen resolution
  • Browser version
  • Java and JavaScript enabled
  • Popups enabled
  • Cookies enabled
  • Installed plugins

UGA Franklin College - eLC Resources

UGA's Franklin College maintains a very large list of eLC step-by-step walkthroughs with a large amount of screenshots.

Franklin College eLC information page.

Franklin College's eLC information page includes:

  • Information for Instructors - filled with step-by-step tutorials with detailed instructions and screenshots covering a wide variety of eLC topics and tools.
  • Information for Students - filled with step-by-step tutorials with detailed instructions and screenshots covering a wide variety of eLC topics and tools.

UGA College of Education – Online Instructional Technology Help

COE's eLC support site provides documents with a large amount of screenshots, as well as videos, on various eLC LMS subjects and tools.

UGA College of Education's eLC resources page.

COE's eLC support site includes such resources as:

  • eLC Quick Start Guide
  • Getting Started
  • How to create learning modules
  • How to upload files and add files to a Table of Contents
  • Using LMS tools such as Grades, Assignment Dropbox, Rubrics, Quizzes, Discussions, News, Links, Classlists, Groups, etc.

UGA Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

CTL provides a large list of resources & tutorials for eLC (Desire2Learn).

CTL's main eLC support page.

Subsections of CTL's main eLC support page include:

  • Instructor Support page
    • Videos - Lunch and Learn Sessions are archived video seminars covering topics such as Course Builder, Grades, Managing Content, Quizzes, Dropbox, Groups, Collaborate, Rubrics, etc.
    • eLC Workshops and Tutorials
    • Quick Reference Guides
    • Getting Help with eLC
    • CTL's Youtube channel – contains various tutorial videos on eLC such as My Home Overview, Organizing Content, etc.
    • eLC FAQ
  • Student Support page
    • Video Tutorials
    • FAQ's for Students
    • Help Desk email
  • Contact & Support
    • CTL contact info
    • EITS contact info
    • D2L knowledgebase and 24x7 support
    • D2L contact info for UGA Colleges and Schools


All UGA faculty, staff, and students have access to this wonderful tutorial provider. Log in with your UGA MyID and take advantage of the Desire2Learn tutorials

Lynda.com's Desire2Learn tutorials page.

The well-produced video tutorials cover all sorts of topics including:

  • Getting Started
  • Layout
  • Navigation
  • Tools
  • Themes
  • Grading

University System of Georgia - Desire2Learn Help Center

USG's main D2L help site provides the University System's central knowledge base and newsfeed. The help center is available 24x7.

USG's main D2L help center site.

USG's D2L help site contains resources such as:

  • Getting Started – Password problems, Browser compatibility, etc.
  • Most Popular Topics section
  • Student Support section
  • Instructor Support section


The creator of UGA's Learning Management System provides some support on their website as well as paid training opportunities.

D2L's main resources page.

D2L's main resources page includes:

  • D2L's Video Library – watch videos such as Desire2Learn Basics for Learners, Learning Environment Basics, Discussions, Quizzes, Grades, Dropbox, and much more.
  • Success Stories & Whitepapers - Desire2Learn also provide comprehensive training for a variety of stakeholders. Scroll to the section "Brochures" to view a brochure on Desire2Learn training options.
  • Live Webinars - sign up for a Desire2Learn webinar on various topics.