Client: PPD
Role: Shooting

Professional and Personal Development (PPD) needed a commercial for their program, Summer Academy at University of Georgia (SAUGA). WebID partnered with Freebairn, a marketing firm based in Atlanta, to produce a short video for SAUGA.

The SAUGA program is aimed at kids who want to spend their summers learning about interesting fields from real-world professionals. WebID spent weeks shooting and editing loads of footage from the various classes and turned in a video that pleased the client and appealed to kids and parents alike.

screencap from SAUGA video - titles

Watch the SAUGA Video →

PPD needed a commercial that would speak to kids and get them excited about attending. This called for the visual language kids are used to - quick pacing, fast cuts, and upbeat music. Put it all together and you have a terrific montage that captures the spirit of SAUGA. Click on the link to check out the video.

a sreencap from the SAUGA video - an architecture class

A screencap from the architecture classes.

a sreencap from the SAUGA video - two girls wearing motion capture suits against a green screen

A screencap from the 3D animation classes.

a sreencap from the SAUGA video - kids making 3D graphics on a computer

A screencap from the video game design classes.