Principles of Marketing Research

Client: PPD
Role: Design
Content Enhancement

Professional and Personal Development (PPD) needed help with designing and constructing a course for Marketing Research professionals. The course, Principles of Marketing Research (POMR), brings in a large amount of students from organizations around the world.

A data-intensive course such as POMR can be a challenge to present on the web. PPD tasked WebID with presenting vast amounts of data in an organized and approachable manner for learners. WebID designed a clean presentation style, logical information formatting, and web standards based approach to displaying data.

A success for many years now, POMR continues to be a large draw for students around the world and is continually updated thorugh PPD and WebID's constant maintenance.

a sreencap from the POMR course, full shot of a typical page

WebID used a clean and minimal design style to keep the focus on the content, where it belongs. At first glance, the design can appear plain, but users will be reading hundreds of pages like this throughout the course. Anything more taxing to the eye can cause visual fatigue and distract from learning objectives.

screencap from the video demonstrating Correlation principle in an excel spreadsheet

Watch the Correlation Video →

WebID made a series of videos demonstrating various concepts and techniques valuable to Marketing students. Above is a screencap from the video for Correlation.

info-graphic screenshot from pomr course

To present data in a visually pleasing manner WebID came up with a subtle, yet eye-catching, format for graphically displaying information.

a screencap of an example of a Likert scale programmed in HTML

An example of a working interactive Marketing Research survey question, a Likert scale, built to demonstrate the technique for students.