Sun Perrenials

Client: PPD
Role: Design
Content Enhancement

Professional and Personal Development (PPD) needed help with designing a course for world-renowned horticulturist, Dr. Alan Armitage. With his decades of experience and expertise there was no shortage of material to draw from.

Hundreds of photos, videos, and text needed to blend into a cohesive whole, immersing the learner in textual information supported by plenty of multimedia. WebID also used it's recording facilities to capture Dr. Armitage speaking about plants.

The first in a two part series with Dr. Armitage, Sun Perrenials is sure to be a hit with gardeners everywhere.

a screenshot of a page in perrenials course

A typical page from Sun Perrenials is multimedia-rich experience. WebID incorporated images, interactive exercises, quizzes, video, audio, illustrations, etc.

a screencap from the baptisia purple smoke video

Watch the Baptisia Purple Smoke Video →

Students can see a series of videos with Dr. Armitage explaining various aspects of the plants.

a screencap from the course showing an audio player

Listen to Dr. Armitage talk about Echinacea →

Students can listen to Dr. Armitage explaining various aspects of the plants. Dr. Armitage is truly passionate about plants. This comes across in the audio recordings and students get a feel for what it might be like on a tour of the gardens led by Dr. Armitage himself.

a screenshot of a drag and drop exercise

Try the Drag and Drop exercise →

WebID designed and programmed a series of interactive exercises, such as this Drag and Drop example, for students to test their knowledge of various plants.