WebID can help you succeed in three key facets of online course and website production. Design, Content Enhancement, and Technology work synergistically to produce optimal results. Whether it's a credit or non-credit course or even a standalone website, we have the people, experience, equipment, and skills to guide you smoothly through the entire production cycle.

At WebID design means more than opening Photoshop or choosing fonts, it's about using our knowledge of design principles to shape positive user experiences. We approach design in a holistic manner to effectively commmunicate ideas. Ultimately, good design should enable the user to come away feeling pleased at what they have seen, confident in their knowledge of the material, and satisfied with the online learning process itself.

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  • Instructional Design

    When designing a course, WebID doesn't just code material and release it on the web. There are end user goals, learning objectives, quantifiable test results to consider.

    Knowing how the mind works and learns is vital to creating courses that engage students and help them learn in an effective and efficient manner. WebID uses a variety of proven Instructional Design techniques to help students achieve their goals.

  • Web Standards

    By using Web Standard coding practices and languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc., WebID ensures your project is usable and accessible by as large of an audience as possible.

    WebID projects are displayed as uniformly as possible by a wide variety of browsers, platforms, and devices. Pages load quickly, look and work great, and are easy to maintain. As a client, that saves you time, money, and hassle. We think that's a good thing, don't you?

  • Multimedia

    The web is the ideal place to enhance quality written content by using multimedia that helps to reinforce key concepts. Modern web users don't just read text, they watch video, listen to audio, and work with tools and apps. They expect the web to be an interactive experience.

    That's where WebID can help. Take advantage of our capabilities to create interactive self-tests, audio, video, graphics, and more, to make your course a richer, more memorable, and satisfying experience for learners.

For accessibility purposes, we have provided a text equivalent for the above interactive Info-Graphic.

Competing for the attention of online audiences can be challenging. WebID can enhance your project through the prudent use of graphics, interactivity, and multimedia that engages your users and creatively reinforces crucial information. The right enhancement solutions should shine a spotlight on important content, not stand in the way, and help ensure users have a firm grasp of essential concepts and high levels of knowledge retention.

WebID can help guide clients safely through the jungle of acronyms and software that make up the constantly evolving world of web technology. We use web standards and open-source coding practices to build our projects so things on the back end run smoothly. Our user-centric approach to technology can work wonders. We never exhaust the user with technical hurdles to access the information they need. A user, or a client, should not worry about what is under the hood. They just need to reach their destination smoothly and safely.

Explore the site to get a feel for how we can help you with your next project, and then contact us today to get started on the path towards achieving your distance education goals.